Salicylic Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

The alpha & beta hydroxy acids in this peel will resurface skin to perfection by thoroughly disengaging layers of old discoloured skin cells. to reveal a fresher, smoother surface with renewed clarity and radiance whilst red wine and organic cacao extracts bath cells at the deepest level with powerful skin saving antioxidants to energise, protect and rebuild the appearance of firmer, less wrinkled looking skin.

This is our very best peel to dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing. This enormously effective deep peel aids in exfoliation. Timeless Peel also helps to increase the skin’s moisture level offering an age defying, smooth textured complexion. Contains the Retinol AGP complex and Lactic Acid.

This potent antioxidant peel helps deliver a blend of nourishing and natural ingredients into the skin layers, without excessive peeling. The ultimate antioxidant peel for hypersensitive, ageing, or acne prone skin, Benefit Peel™ is gentle enough for patients with sensitive skins. Contains Vitamin C and the Retinol AGP complex.